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The Celebrity Photo Booth Rental isn't just a novelty to play with at a party for a few hours,

but it's a memory that lasts for the rest of our lives, something that we can hold on to that shows the truth of who we are, and who we love. It really is something way bigger, and a trend that will not be going away for a very long time.


How It Works

Three easy steps and you are now ready for the big day!

Step 1 (HOURS)

Choose how many hours you would like to rent the Photo Booth? 2 Hours before of after dinner, or 3 or 4 after dinner.

Step 2 (OPTIONS)

1-Personalized step & repeat media wall backdrop with red carpet and red velvet ropes. 2-Memory book, as the pictures print from the booth, we can add a copy into the memory book and your guests will sign and leave a message. 3-Onsite thank you cards, predesigned and printed with your picture & Thank You message. The photo booth picture will be placed into the right pocket. Saves Time, and Money on postage stamps.

Step 3 (DESIGNS)

Choose a photo print style! Our default is Duplicate old school photo strips. You can upgrade to postcard style that will give you the option of having 1 full size picture on 1 print out, or 4 picture on 1 printout. We can also add custom text, images, & Company logos at no additional charge.

Photo Booths: The Traditional Selfie

The Photo booth trend has quickly moved from a novelty to a party staple these past few years, and the popularity is not dying down. Party-goers now expect every event they attend to have it, preparing themselves for endless photos and dreaming up cute photo ops to share with friends. But why is it that this trend has become synonymous with parties? Is it because we love the instant gratification of getting a photo almost immediately on our hands? Is it because it is nostalgic and brings us back to patiently waiting at the side of a curtained photo booth for those six black and white pictures to come out?


Or is it because our culture is so obsessed with taking pictures of ourselves and a photo booth really is the original Selfie. But I think it's a combination of all of it. I mean, if you think about it, a photo booth is really the best way to break the ice over sloppy poses and entertaining props. It allows us to truly be ourselves at the silliest of moments surrounded by the friends we hold most dear. A Toronto Photo Booth Rental allows party guests to let loose and unwind. I love it when I see older party goers get in front of that booth and unadulterated joy is brought over their faces, and in the next image, four decades younger, another group shares the same moment.

There is a sense of magic that happens when someone steps in front of that booth, it's where secrets are shared, and moments are immortalized. A photo booth is a place where you can be whoever you want, and at the same time remain entirely true to who you are in that moment of your life. In a world of Snapchat and a delete button, it is authenticity that holds us close to the photo booth. We can so easily delete something we do not like, simply erase that memory. But with a photo booth, there is no delete button and it does not go away after ten seconds, that moment is frozen in time permanently and it's something that this generation is not used to. It is something pure and real, something that people still want to hold on to.