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Make your upcoming event memorable with
elegantly captured moments?

Three easy steps and you are now ready for the big day!

Firstly, we will take the photo booth to your place where you want to have photo shoots and there will be an assistant on-site to help you if you find difficulty in operating the machine.

After you have positioned yourself, you can press the start button to activate the Photo Booth. It will display your picture with a countdown timer on the display screen.

The flash will capture your image. There will be a quick message displayed on the screen after each photo is captured giving you a preview of the photo.

If there is any confusion, then there is a full customer support to help you with the machine.

The photos from our booths will be printed within a few seconds after you have captured them.

There is a signal to the printer from the photo booth which command it to print the photos. As the photos are printed, they will be saved online in our photo gallery where you can access them for one year with a passcode.

You can then download the photos at any time as long as it is within a period of one year.

The instructions are easy to follow. It has no limits on how many people can actually stand in front of the camera. You and your guests can all take photos to make your parties memorable.

All the photos from our photo booths are hosted on our website as part of every package. All photos are downloaded as long as the user has the access code. You can contact us, or the event host if you lost your access code. Once you’ve downloaded the photos correctly, they are stored in your computer hard drive.

You can do what you want with the downloaded photos.